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maxEmbedded is a free and open source platform to share knowledge and learn about the concepts of robotics, embedded systems and computer vision. People from around the world who are enthusiastic about these topics and willing to support the open source community are invited to share their information, knowledge and expertise by means of written tutorials and videos on the website.

Visit our contact page to get in touch with us.

The People

Mayank_PhotoMayank Prasad

Founder and Admin

Mayank (aka Max) is the founder of maxEmbedded and mostly works with embedded software. Having his hometown in New Delhi, India, at this point in time, he lives in Tempe, AZ, USA where he is pursuing his graduate studies from Arizona State University. He describes himself as an ’embedded electronics freak’ and an Apple/Linux fan. He likes to experiment, learn and share new things in this field. He likes to write stuffs on his website for techie newbies and loves to teach others. In his spare time, you will find him with his iPod.

Fun Fact: He is a cookie monster!

Prashant Agarwal

Business Operations Manager

Prashant (aka VBP – Very Busy Person) mostly manages the content and administration of maxEmbedded in addition to working with some hardware. He is from Gorakhpur, India, currently living in New Delhi, India graduated from VIT University. He likes to bug his friends by postulating new and crazy theories about life and playing with insects and animals.

Fun Fact: Prashant loves diving, but he can’t swim!

Chahat Ahuja

Technical Operations Manager

Chahat (aka Cha-Hat, that’s what he is usually called in american accent) keeps an eye on the tech-trends and audience inclination. He’s a musk fan and currently pursuing Masters of Science in computer engineering from NC State University. He loves to discuss over entrepreneurial approach of team leading under different commercial/professional sectors. He explores his tech-managerial skills through maxEmbedded.

Fun Fact: He has a funny laugh that you don’t wanna see. :o

Vishwam AggarwalVishwam_Photo

Hardware Designer

Vishwam works in designing and testing various hardware for maxEmbedded. He is also from New Delhi, India and lives in Vellore. He likes to work on digital and analog electronic circuits. Meanwhile he also likes to play guitar and work his hands out on the drums. He frequently overlaps both his fields of interest to create various electronic devices for his guitar.

Fun Fact: He can sleep up to 24 hours if no one wakes him up!


PulkitPulkit Khandelwal

Technical Associate

(aka way too many nicknames but let’s go with Pulkii). He is from Rajasthan, born in Port Blair (Yes, you heard it right), brought up in 15 different states but likes to be called a Mumbaikar!

He is a startup frenzy guy with keen interest in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Signal Processing. An active contributor to the open source community and likes to play with pixels.. along with being an enthusiast traveler. He wants to travel the world, if possible, alone.

Fun fact: Has tried almost all types of Tea and Coffee varieties available in India and drinks around 5 cups of tea every day :p


Soumil Soumil Heble

Hardware Designer

Soumil (aka Ironhide, as in transformers), is involved in PCB design and content writing for maxEmbedded. He built his first circuit, an FM bug, in 10th grade and since then is hooked on to electronics. He lives in Vapi, an industrial town in south Gujarat. He is into embedded and analog design. He also likes to do some graphical designing in free time. Soumil has a hobby of watching and collecting TV series. He likes to savour malvani cuisine and sea food. When he is serious about something, he makes sure it gets done on time.

Fun Fact: He dreams of piloting an aircraft, possibly a fighter jet. B)

Anshul Guptaanshul

Business Associate

Anshul Gupta (aka Jay) is a Business Associate at maxEmbedded. He hails from Shahjahanpur, India and is currently living in Vellore, India. He is responsible for all the aspects of the company including public relations, innovative marketing, and publicity. He is good at explaining his thoughts and helps people understand the “Why” behind his strategies. His interests lie in creative collaboration, entrepreneurship and startups.

Fun Fact: He wants to join Air Force but he has Acrophobia :P